Valkeakosken ammattiopisto, VAAO, ilmakuva oppilaitoksen rakennuksista, taustalla näkyy Lotilanjärvi

What is VAAO?

VAAO (Valkeakoski Vocational College) offers a wide range of vocational studies in these fields:

  • Technology, communication and transport
  • Social services, health and sport
  • Tourism, catering and domestic services
  • Social sciences, business and administration
  • Natural sciences

Offering courses in both youth and adult education, VAAO has over 1300 students.

About Valkeakoski

Valkeakoski is a town of some 21 000 inhabitants, located in the southern Tampere Region. With only 35 kilometers to the regional center town of Tampere and 150 kilometers to the Finnish capital Helsinki, Valkeakoski is very well connected. Valkeakoski has deep roots of paper, food and wood processing industry. Cozy but lively modern town, Valkeakoski (literally “White Rapids”) has worldwide international networks both in industry and in various fields of education. Valkeakoski city

Living in Valkekoski

There are also unique historic and cultural surroundings around Valkeakoski to enjoy. Valkeakoski offers you a wide range of free time activities regardless of whether you are a sport or a culture lover. It is a place you can live life to the full; work and study, go in for a hobby or just enjoy the relaxing surroundings of the beautiful shipping channels and waterways.

Valkeakoski Campus

Together with Valkeakoski High School and HAMK University of Applied Sciences, VAAO forms a large, cohesive Campus area called Valkeakoski Campus. This enables studies that combine courses from more than one school.


International students have been a part of Valkeakoski for a long time, bringing little of their own culture with them. That’s why studying in VAAO combines cozy living near Finnish nature to vivid, culturally rich student community. Feel free to ask for more information!

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